Writing to Reed: A Meta-Analysis of the Impact of Writing and Writing Instruction on Reading | Harvard Education Review

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Reading is critical to students’ success in and out of school. One potential means for improving students’ reading is writing. In this meta-analysis of true and quasi-experiments, Graham and Herbert present evidence that writing about material read improves students’ comprehension of it; that teaching students how to write improves their reading comprehension, reading fluency, and word reading; and that increasing how much students write enhances their reading comprehension. These findings provide empirical support for long-standing beliefs about the power of writing to facilitate reading.
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Web-Based Information Organization Tools for the Online Classroom | Online Universities

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There’s a great big World (Wide Web) out there, and it’s hard to keep track of everything you find in it.   Justin Marquis PhD provides an excellent list of 20 of the best web curation and online annotations tools available.
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