What’s the best way to take notes on your laptop or tablet?

Understanding attention span and working memory capacity is important to learn how to take electronic notes more effectively.

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We take for granted that students know how to use laptops effectively but we need to teach them explicitly how to do so. Note taking is one example of a task that can be effectively taught using technology.

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Coding with Paper: Printable Space Race Game for Students – Fractus Learning

There are thousands of different ways to introduce programming to your class in fun and interactive ways for the upcoming Hour of Code (December 8-14). While most apps and tutorials do require internet connected computers or mobile devices, it does not mean that schools without this level of technology cannot get involved. In fact, coding with paper can be an even more engaging and meaningful way to introduce students to early programming concepts.

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Coding is a skill of logic, maths and language every bit as much as computers and technology. The low-tech options here suit most schools.

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950 million Android phones can be hijacked by malicious text messages

Booby-trapped MMS messages and websites exploit flaw in heart of Android.

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I included this article because it highlights what can happen when things go wrong. so much of our lives resides on our devices now that when we lose the data there it causes anxiety, expense and perhaps even loss of ‘identity’.


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Has Technology Ruined Our Ability To Communicate?

Sure, it is a wonderful thing to be asked out on a date. But, how unromantic is it to get a text two days later that reads: “What r u up 2? Wana grab dinr/drinks?

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what do you think? has instantaneous communication hampered our ability to build meaningful relationships? can we tell someone how we feel in a text message?

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