9 Books on Reading and Writing

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Dancing with the absurdity of life, or what symbolism has to do with the osmosis of trash and treasure.

Hardly anything does one’s mental

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A lovely list of words on words.

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How to teach… reading for pleasure

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The link between reading for fun and educational success is well established, but how can teachers get reluctant readers into books? These teaching resources will help

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It can be chLlenging to know how to teach reading for pleasure. Just giving students access to the library is not enough. I have expressed deep ambivalence about silent reading programs as I see good readers go ahead but struggling ones flip through books nd even become disruptive when left to just read. There is some advice in this post about teaching reading to students.

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Top Ten Short Stories

This blog is a fantastic resource for English teachers. Inspiring!

Nerdy Book Club

The 2012 Edgar Awards were announced recently and Neil Gaiman is nominated for a short story in the anthology A Study in Sherlock.  As a great enthusiast of what I call Sherlock Holmes legacy fiction, it immediately went on my public library hold list.  Curiosity about the state of anthology publication led to re-reading of old favorites and thoughts about new forms of short story collections.

I have always loved reading short stories, especially in my youth.  Fascinating, eerie, funny, – there was always a story to be discovered or relished in the re-read.  Collections with contributions from multiple authors were my favorite grab for going on a long or short car trip.  They could be read quickly and the swift punches of the plot evolution kept me going back for more.  Masters of the twist ending, wry humor, and perspectives on the ironies of life, short story writers were…

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