Storing Lesson Plans on Google Calendar

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In last week’s #ntchat, David Wees shared a tip for lesson planning: store them on Google Calendar. That leaves them available for future reference and cuts down on papers (which, for me, increases…


Google Docs for collaboration

So far this has worked well. Other than the usual problems such as passwords missing for student emails and the server failing we have managed to upload and then collaborate on a document as a class. The students used it to hold conversations around certain points in the document and it was interesting to see the arguments developing around the ideas.
Several students said that they would work this way in future on group projects and that it was an easy way to do this.
I found that it was important to think carefully about the template in order for their to be enough autonomy and enough space for students to record their ideas, but still enough guidance for students who were less comfortable with sharing their ideas with the class. Given that this was done early in the year with a new class it looks promising.googleapps

Google Docs trial

I am trialling using Google Docs in my year 12 Literature class. We have worked together on notes on the text we are studying and students have chatted along the way (until I stopped them because they were off task!). Students reported it as a good way to work and I will continue to work with that class this year.
We are getting a new LMS in the school later this year and so I will then be doing the same type of thing on there, but for now, this is a very useful substitute.

trailling this in class now....
trailling this in class now....