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“Instead of a series of click-and-read screens, give the learner a problem to solve”

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Top 100

Edudemic has surveyed their readers and come up with a very useful list of the top 100 tools to use online for teachers. The list is a little idiosyncratic, as it would be with only about 900 respondents, but there were quite a few on there that were very interesting. It is definitely worth sharing this one.

Google Docs trial

I am trialling using Google Docs in my year 12 Literature class. We have worked together on notes on the text we are studying and students have chatted along the way (until I stopped them because they were off task!). Students reported it as a good way to work and I will continue to work with that class this year.
We are getting a new LMS in the school later this year and so I will then be doing the same type of thing on there, but for now, this is a very useful substitute.

trailling this in class now....
trailling this in class now....

Survey Monkey

I have set up a survey for teachers at my school to see how people feel about teaching using technology and how confident they are with various web 2.0 tools. Given that web 3.0 is just around the corner (some would argue) I feel the need to encourage the use of technology in the classroom. The results will help me to support teachers in my new role as e-learning co-ordinator at the school.

Interesting articles

time1.jpgDavid Nettlebeck has some very worthwhile articles on his website about learning through technology. Lots of them have a literacy focus and are great for teachers who are interested in how technology can engage their students as well as improving their literacy and thinking skills. He has a particular focus on secondary schools and offers PD for schools as well. It’s definitely worth a look.

Useful tools for teachers.

computers.jpgHere is a list of some useful sites that I’ve come across in my travels. Obviously it is not an exhaustive list. I will add to it, but there are some here that may be useful.

E-potential is a Victorian Government website aimed at encouraging and supporting teachers to use technology as part of their everyday teaching. It has surveys you can take to find out how much of an expert you are and very useful links. It also has good resources.

Intel’s teacher website is a fantastic way of using technology to engage students and to allow them to think more creatively and deeply. The resources are easy to create and lend themselves to a very large variety of subjects. Highly recommended.

This one –Create Surveys –  is a useful survey tool.

Assign-a-day is useful for keeping track of upcoming work and assignments. Teachers can upload all of the work due and give students a link to it all so that they can access it whenever.

This one – smile – is good for creating online quizzes and activities for students to complete.

On a similar topic to the one above Hot Potatoes is free software that teachers can download to create quizzes, cloze activities and crosswords for students. The finished file is saved as a webpage and can be stored on any computer. This is an excellent resource.

Smartboard software for any school that has smartboards is an excellent interactive classroom resource. As well as creating great lesson activities you can record the activity on the Smartboard and save and print files for students and teachers.

Kathy Schrock and Discovery School have created literally hundreds of resources for educators. Worth checking in no matter what you’re teaching.

Teachit is the definitive English teacher’s website. So many resources here. It used to be free and now sadly is not, however it is still very worthwhile viewing.

As I said, these are only a very small amount of the useful websites for teachers available. Feel free to add more readers.