Office Mix

Mix_exampleThis site lets you take PowerPoint further by adding in quizzes and web elements as well as many other apps. You do need a Microsoft account to use it but once set up it is very simple to use. A good resource for flipping your classroom.
Here is an example I created for my year 7 class. This one does not have narration or annotation but you can add these in when you create yours.

Cloud On

I have just finished using Cloud On for the first time. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it when I first saw tweets about it a while ago but it was not available in Australia. I emailed the company and they were kind enough to let me know when it was available here. I like the way that it works with my existing cloud options, DropBox, and my Google Drive. Files opened easily and were very straightforward to edit. They saved automatically and created another version of my Google Doc for me.
This is an invaluable tool for me as my teaching machine is a PC and I use the iPad at home. It gets rid of those annoying file conversion issues.


One Note

Using One Note has allowed me to organise my teaching so much better. Now with the plugins (below) from OneNote Power Toys I have been able to file things in a much more careful way. I can stack my tabs now which allows me to create files of student work with stacks of tabs containing work for each student. I have also loved using the sound recording function to mark student work. When students send me work I can read through it aloud, mark it as I go and then fill in the rubric all while recording my thoughts for the students. This gives them powerful and re-usable feedback which shows them what is in my head and thus, what I am looking for in their writing.

One Note really is a fantastic tool.