Live Binders

I just found this resource online. It allows you to create binders from web pages, tables, images, youtube videos and text. You can then share, embed and upload the completed file. You can also ask others to collaborate.
They’re an amazing tool for learning.Live Binder Whose Reality?
I created one for our Context in VCE English, ‘Whose Reality?’


VCE English – how much longer?

I was thinking last night about how to approach the Context work coming up within the VCE study for my year 12s. I have two classes and lots of creative and clever students who would benefit from being encouraged to express themselves in a variety of ways, not just in 100 minutes of class time on paper. I would really love to encourage them to create multimedia texts to fit with the Context ‘Encountering Conflict’. We’re using the text ‘The Secret River’ by Kate Grenville as a prompt for the Context. Students need to respond to the issues as examined in the text. I wonder how much longer the VCE is going to stay in the format that it is using currently when we’re moving in different directions with middle years students?

I am sure that a blog or wiki would be a powerful way of creating texts with more depth of meaning than a written text alone. It would also allow students to carefully consider the concepts of audience and genre in a more detailed way, which is a core requirement. I’m not sure that VCAA have any rules about doing this via multimedia at the moment one way or the other, maybe it is something that I should explore in more detail.

Obviously there are issues of verification at stake and again, I’ll need to explore this in more depth. I think that this is something I’ll work on and do some research. Stay tuned…..