Education Eye

Futurelab have this amazing website which allows you to quickly see the latest stories in education and technology in the form of a mind map.
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This is just a widget from the site that shows you some of the themes. The site is here.


Is this the most fun way of teaching parts of speech??

Mad Libs have now got widgets. These are fantastic ways of teaching grammar and parts of speech to students (and adults) of any age. Check out the widget on the right hand side under my Library Thing widget. You get the chance to create one and then email it to someone (or yourself). They’re really hilarious and you tend to get more creative as you go. Check out the madlibs site for more of their great products.

widgets added

I’ve been practising adding widgets and, well, I may have gone a bit overboard. I’ve added my LibraryThing page as a widget and I’ve also added my wiki. I could also have added my teacher tube (or YouTube for that matter) but I thought that this would be taking it too far. It was remarkably easy to do and a good way to link everything that you do. Hmm, maybe I should also add my Diigo page……

much later…..

Well, I did add this in but it was a  bit disappointing, if you scroll down you’ll see a tiny blue symbol on the left of the page under my LibraryThing. Wonder how I make it bigger?