SMS Generator

classtools_SMS_generatorSMS Generator. Thanks to the wonderful Richard Byrne for mentioning this one.

This tool allows students to create text messages between fictional characters. A fantastic way of showing what they know about the characters.


7 Actions that Teachers Can Take Right Now: Text Complexity » TextProject

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A discussion on how to increase the level of complexity of text. While American, it can apply to any set of national standards easily.

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Intel Reflections-Part 1

While looking at the ideas in the intel master trainer course we are thinking deeply about teaching and learning through projects. Projects are based on constructivist models of learning. As I predominantly teach VCE students projects, while certainly desirable, are not always suited, mainly because of time constraints. I have decided to modify the project somewhat to fit it with the study design as a result of these considerations. I originally wanted to create something that would help my students to improve their outcomes in the ‘Reading and Responding’ area of study. This outcome will be addressed through the text ‘Nineteen Eighty Four’ and this is a complex text. I am hoping, after reading through the intel material, to be able to create a project that is based around this text and that will enable students to write at a deeper level about the text as they read it. I read a lot about the collaborative nature of project based learning and so thought that peer reviewing and assessing would be a good way to do this. So far, what I have read through the course has not contradicted my belief that this is possible. So lets see…..