The Google Yourself Challenge

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Just how much information about you is online? Google yourself to find out and reconsider what details should be kept private and off the Internet.

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Flipsnack- create a book online

Another great way to make books online is FlipsnackHere is an example of a Flipsnack that I made. All you need is a pdf and you upload it. There is a choice of styles and backgrounds and you can share them via an embed link (unless you’re using!) This one was simply a PPT file that I converted to try it out.

Live Binders

These are a great research and sharing tool. You can create a binder online which you can then embed in blogs(like this one here) or share via email.
Here is an example of one I created.

Web Tools for Teachers I have also created these for my Literature class and my year 12 English class based on the work that they are doing and giving them information about the exams.

Blackboard Communicate- Elluminate

Wow! just participated in a great session on online games for children. Neil Butler was running it and it was advertised on Twitter. It is a great way to share ideas and very easy to use.I have used Elluminate before, many moons ago, but this looks faster and much more user friendly. Here’s a picture.

Elluminate Session