iPad as a writing machine

The iPad can be used very easily as a writing machine. The lack of a physical keyboard can be a bit annoying when writing long pieces (which may go some way to explaining the brevity of my blog posts!) but of course one can be purchased for a relatively small price.
This post on the ZD Net site outlines just how one writer managed to use the iPad as a useful writing implement. It is certainly better than lugging a typewriter around.
I use it for editing student work and for blogging and communicating with others but still have been returning to my MacBook Pro when longer pieces, like my Masters papers, are due. This may well be a habit so next time I will try using the iPad and see if it is really easier. As more schools move to using iPads and other tablets the issue of writing, not to even discuss handwriting, will become an important one that may determine the success of the device.
One alternative used by some schools precisely because of doubts about the capacity for th tablet to be used for extended periods of writing, is the net book. My biggest issue with these, despite their obvious lightness and easy portability, is their processing power and start up time. They often only come with 1GB of RAM, which clearly limits their potential to multitask as well as perform many of the jobs that a tablet can do so easily.


Using iPads as a Whiteboard

This post on Sam Gilksman’s Scoop It page introduces a new whiteboard app for the iPad. Educreations app allows users to turn their iPad into a whiteboard on which they can draw and share as well as record to make a video of the work. There are a couple of other apps, like ShowMe which do similar things but this post discusses the main points of difference here.
The original post on this app can be found here.

This image was created on my iPad with the excellent Photogene app. It allows me to crop, adjust and frame images and add text boxes in a variety of formats. Great for presentations.

iPad vs Tablet PC

why use an iPad?

250px-IPad-02The iPad is revolutionising learning and with millions (okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration) of apps available to make learning more fun it is easy to see why. A few students at our school are using iPads instead of diaries and notebooks so they’re using it as an organisational and a learning tool, and that makes sense. There is no doubt that it is engaging, but my question is does it promote better quality learning?
While lots of schools are using them, even colleges, it is interesting to look at why. Some cite its flexibility, its ability to be utilised as a collaborative tool and its ability to easily upload and download files thus negating the need for hard drives. While most sceptics have been swayed very easily, there still remain some questions.
I am able to draw using a stylus, annotate documents using iAnnotate, create Keynotes that save as Powerpoints should I need to, use Pages as a word processing application and even display my work on an overhead projector using the Projector app.
I have already mentioned the fact that I can blog directly from the WordPress app (as well as the Blogger one if you are so inclined) and read books, listen to music and play games. So, why would I need a tablet PC?

iPad app

Well, I have got my WordPress app up and running on the iPad so I can now blog directly from wherever I am (with the pad of course!)
One of the things I’m most interested in is portable devices like the iPad and iPhone. They have the potential to alter the way we teach and learn, especially as more apps become available for teachers and students.
Certainly the blogging apps like this one and the blogger one for google users are very handy. I also really like the Posterous one that allows you to upload images from webpages to your Posterous account.
There are also lots of great newsreaders, and my favorite is Pulse so far. You can customize the news that feeds in and even create your own feed which follows all of your favorites. TheFlipboard app also deserves a mention. It’s fairly new and allows you to hook up to Twitter and Facebook as well as lots of other caves and you can read it all just like a magazine. Facebook has honestly never looked so good.