Flash Drafting

I am always searching for ways to make writing more engaging and yet still clear and thorough. This idea wins!


Friday June 27, 2014 by Stacey Shubitz
How long do your students, typically, spend on drafting? A few days, right? If you’re like I was when I had my own classroom, then you know drafting could go on for a few days. It’s no wonder many students are hesitant to revise! When one invests a lot of time (e.g., four – five writing workshop periods) crafting something, they don’t want to make changes by seeing their writing again with fresh eyes.

Enter flash-drafting. If you have a copy of the TCRWP’s new units of study, then you’re familiar with this concept. If you are unfamiliar with it, then here’s what you need to know:

Flash-drafts are written in one writing workshop period.
Students write a draft “fast and furious” during independent writing time (~45 minutes).
Writers work to get all of their thoughts down on paper. If they need to research more, they can make themselves a note, but they keep writing.
Kids use what they know about the genre when they are flash-drafting.
You can read more about flash drafts at Moving Writers.

I’ve been at the TCRWP’s June Writing Institute this week. Kelly Boland Hohne has been my section leader for “Raise the Level of Literature-Based and Research-Based Argument Essays.” In the past week, I’ve written two flash drafts, one literary essay and one research-based essay. I have found the process scary and liberating all at once. Here’s why.

Flash-Drafting Leads to Large-Scale Revision

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