4 Tips To Help Students Start Blogging – Edudemic

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“Ms. Clark, I can’t believe it! Someone from Argentina and New Zealand just read my blog!” This kind of wide-eyed excitement is why I have been blogging with my students for nearly 10 years.

Louise Robinson-Lay‘s insight:

This is perfect for my planning this year. I love the idea of beginning with a paper blog nd asking for critical feedback from classmates. Great way to reinforce the idea of a community of learners.

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Author: loremipsem

I am Head of Teaching and Learning and teach English at an independent School in Melbourne. I am passionate about using technology as a learning tool and I love reading and literature and language.

6 thoughts on “4 Tips To Help Students Start Blogging – Edudemic”

    1. Thanks for sharing the graphic too. I am pleased that you found the infographic useful I am planning on blogging with my year 7s this year and this was part of my research.

      1. Thank you so much for your encouragement. I am passionate about teaching and working with educators all over the world is an amazing opportunity to learn from and share with the best. I am pleased that you are part of that amazing network.

    1. Thanks for your kind mention. It is indeed a pleasure to be part of such a great learning community.

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