How to teach… reading for pleasure

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The link between reading for fun and educational success is well established, but how can teachers get reluctant readers into books? These teaching resources will help

Louise Robinson-Lay‘s insight:

It can be chLlenging to know how to teach reading for pleasure. Just giving students access to the library is not enough. I have expressed deep ambivalence about silent reading programs as I see good readers go ahead but struggling ones flip through books nd even become disruptive when left to just read. There is some advice in this post about teaching reading to students.

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Author: loremipsem

I am Head of Teaching and Learning and teach English at an independent School in Melbourne. I am passionate about using technology as a learning tool and I love reading and literature and language.

One thought on “How to teach… reading for pleasure”

  1. I am a single parent homeschooling two kids. your article is very informative. my elder son has learn to read in early age n my younger daughter is in process. i use to read every night before going to bed to my daughter. this strategy is very helpful.

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