Seating Arrangements with Work Stations

Seating arrangement of desks in a classroom can have a big impact on the environment and student behavior. Here is one seating arrangement idea that works great for group learning and instructional time.


This video series takes you through classroom organisation, teaching practice and curriculum. This particular one discusses the design of your classroom for learning. While it’s target audience is primary teachers there are still some features of good learning design that are more universal.

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Do soundtracks improve reading comprehension?

A platform that pairs e-books with movie-style soundtracks is gaining attention in the K12 realm for boosting reading engagement and comprehension. But some researchers remain skeptical of its claim o


Studies have shown for some time that music can make the brain more receptive to remembering and learning. This takes it a step further. Students reading ebooks can have a soundscape that links to the story including music and background sounds. It is believed that this will aid comprehension. 

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Nine things everyone should know how to do with a spreadsheet – Macworld Australia

I came up with the following list of things that I think every savvy spreadsheet jockey should know.


Disclaimer!! This goes in the ‘ do as I say, not as I do’ column. I am a bit of a beginner with numbers etc. but can see the use for it. I’m putting this scoop in to remind me to learn more about using spreadsheets. That said, this guide is helpful in that it covers the three most commonly used spreadsheet formats and goes through some useful, time-saving functions.

Teaching with Tech


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