Create Killer Presentations with Explain Everything

Explain Everything is a whiteboard and screencasting app that makes creating interactive lessons a simple proposition. Its full-featured editing options and its import/export functions allow it to stand apart from the other competitors


Screen casting is a great way to flip your classroom. Explain Everything helps you to create the videos you want for your lessons. It offers features like an interactive whiteboard so that you can annotate.

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Could you make your story more…interesting? Six ways to improve children’s writing

We know a good piece of writing when we read it. But what makes the writing “good” and how can we teach all our kids the skills that seem to come naturally to a few. Here are six principles teachers and…


This piece has some good advice on encouraging writers. I do take issue with her statement that ‘the write word is the one your story needs’. Surely that’s why so much school writing is bad. Because how do students know which word is the one they need?

anyway, it would be a great staff room discussion.

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Typewriters, not touchscreens … security the old-fashioned way

In writing, music, photography and other areas, “outdated” technologies have initially been valued for their retro, nostalgic appeal in the hipster culture. Vinyl is one of the most notable technologies…


A good discussion point. If we regress, technologically, are we progressing creatively? This was a reduction of this article which discusses reductionist and determinist views of technology.

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Teaching with Tech


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