Wanted: real curriculum leaders, not just managers


Definitely fuel for thought as we head into curriculum planning time again. Thank you Grant Wiggins.

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What is leadership in curriculum?

Whatever the answer, the question should not be confused with a related but far different query: What is management in curriculum? Yet, I suspect that few people with curricular responsibilities appreciate how different the questions and answers are – and why real leadership is rare yet sorely needed now.

Management. Curriculum management is an easy-to-grasp idea. An administrator with curriculum-management obligations ensures that the curriculum gets revised or at least examined in cycles, e.g. every 5 years, on a staggered calendar. Then, the manager ensures that time and money is set aside in July for the work, and requests/invitations for teacher-writers are sent out. At the writing meetings the writers make decisions on how to tweak lessons or activities and suggest resources. The work is done when time and budget run out.

Such work requires no leadership per se. And such work predictably leads…

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FiftyThree reveals Mix, a community for sharing and downloading any kind of Paper

“What is your favorite PowerPoint template?” FiftyThree CEO Georg Petschnigg wants to know.

It’s a surprisingly pertinent question. Back in the early 2000’s, Petschnigg was an engineer on PowerPoint — and part of a thriving community of Microsoft em

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This is an exciting new way of using the lovely Paper by 53. Users can create and share reusable and edit le templates. Particularly useful for those of us who are challenged by drawing.

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A Flipped Classroom? Or Should It Be Sideways? | Edudemic

The traditional model of teach we’re familiar with is that of the teacher in front of the class, lecturing and assigning homework for students to do once they leave the classroom. The teacher has full control over their learning process. Or do they? Teachers who seem to have full control over their student’s learning often …

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Sideways lessons take the idea of flipped learning and meld it with a traditional lessons

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